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Fat Buster
Fat Buster
Fat Buster (Opened on Oct 30, 2018)

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Fat Buster is 100% Natural and contains no drugs or stimulants
Weight losses of up to 12Kg per month
No sagging skin
Eat your normal foods and take 1 capsule half an hour before you eat
Fat Buster contains Chitosan which is fibre that is extracted from shellfish. Chitosan has the
unique ability of trapping fats
Because your body still needs fats to function normally your body is then forced to use up
the stored body fats in other words the weight you are trying to lose.
Take 1 Detox tablet half an hour before meals 3 times a day
Excellent for high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol
Contains nutrient rich Aloe Ferox
Product comes with a FREE Hypnotherapy CD valued at R700 to help you reach your goal weight faster.

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"Fat Buster"

0.0 out of 5