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Fortunately for you, you have stumbled across SA Deals International on Sell-SA, and if you haven't checked out our simple yet extensive product list, then we suggest you do. But since you are here, let us give you a little bit of an insight about who we are...

We are SA Deals International or to simplify things, a new and fresh online general store in South Africa offering quality and trend in a range of departments ranging from electronics, appliances, home decor, accessories and many more. These items are dropshipped from top suppliers stored at international warehouses.

But what does this mean and how is this different to any other South African online store?

This means that you now have access to products which are sourced from suppliers who supply only the top notch stuff to other reputable international market places.

So let's understand this better. How would you feel if you could have access to items, let's say, from an international marketplace only selling within the US or Europe, like Ebay or Amazon? ..Great right!? But you must know that a huge markup on wholesale items are incorporated, plus you have to consider expensive shipping fees. So its items such as ours which are rather hard to find for South Africans at good prices which is certainly due to the limitations in the sphere of international online shopping from within South Africa.

As you can imagine, the team at SADI have worked tirelessly to ensure a way to narrow the gap between you and these awesome products, ultimately to provide you with a swift and easy shipping method to attain these items at spectacular prices. Our shipping arrangements cater for SUPER LOW Shipping rates for customers Nationwide, helping you avoid that insecurities felt when shopping on overseas websites, or even the expensive local products marked up to the roof. Added to that, you don't have to wait a lifetime to receive it! We specifically ensure that your budget remains intact while you are able to shop for quality items no matter where you are in South Africa.

So it's obvious... make SA Deals International your home for online shopping.You will not be disappointed by our awesome deals combined with efficient shipping and customer service. Enjoy easy shopping and have your share through

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